ELOQUENCE has worked with dozens of partners around the world to help them communicate fluently and persuasively.

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“They are a valuable contributor to our team by developing great content for our website. The content is meticulously researched and beautifully written and the writing is consistently excellent with great attention to detail. We are thrilled with their work and continue to work together on an ongoing basis.”

– Charles

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– Daniel

“The service provided by Shawn and Tricia is way beyond any expectations, the communication is fast and pleasant. Highly, highly recommended.”

– Nadya

“Thank you for the keyword research and other suggestions. I have read the text and find it very nice to read. Thank you very much for everything. I really enjoyed working with you.”

– Alma

“Our brand would just not be the same without the materials we created in collaboration with Tricia and Shawn and we are eternally grateful to these wonderful people. Their social media work is just as their people skills, polite, mannered, friendly and warm, which makes them perfect for a niche of businesses who want to manage social media communications properly.”

– Srdjan

“An amazing promotional piece. Thank you.”

– Alan

“Thank you once more for the marvelous piece that you wrote as well as for the beautiful video. You are real professionals and very attentive to whatever you feature.”

– Georgia

“When we met Tricia and Shawn, we expected fair and correct reporting about our trips. But they far surpassed any expectation we could have possibly had. The amount of energy, imagination and genuine enthusiasm with which they approached our trips was just contagious. Their videos and photos are amazing, especially Shawn’s voice, dominating the scenes. We liked their videos and photos so much that we redecorated the whole office with their photos and bought a huge screen to play their videos over and over for a promotion of our Gourmet Croatia programs.”

– Damir

“Tricia & Shawn’s marketing efforts were excellent. They did a superb promotion of our organization, making quite an effort, and for that we are very grateful.”

– Katarina

“We really appreciate your consideration and for promoting our company to other people!”

– Vaios

“Thank you very much for everything! We would definitely recommend you to other organizations.”

– Nasja

“It was a pleasure to work with Shawn & Tricia! I am sure I will work with them again in the future.”

– Emily

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